Five Tools To Help Manage Twitter Follows & Followers

Five Tools To Help Manage Twitter Follows & Followers

If you’re looking for help in just managing your Twitter follows and followers, there are a host of better services that won’t send a message that you’re a loser in the Twittersphere.
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Five Tools To Help You Better Manage Your Twitter Follows & Followers

  1. TwitCleaner — This is a free service and will quickly run through all the people you are following and identify whether they are social, antisocial, spammers, robots or simply taking up space in the Twittersphere.
  2. Twitter Manager — this is an excellent iPhone/iPad app that provides not only follow and unfollow help, it analyzies the content of those you follow and lets you know if it’s interesting or otherwise
  3. Tweepi — helps you manage followers, follows, allows you to unfollow, manage lists and gain other insight on your followers and uniquely allows you to force others to unfollow you by accessing Twitter’s block function.
  4. TwitSweeper — this service automatically scans your Twitter followers and unfollows spammers; it will also notify you of suspected spammers and give you the option to continue to follow or not. A much more unobtrusive way to flush out spammy followers than TrueTwit.
  5. ManageFlitter — this is more of a full-service Twitter management tool, but it has powerful follow and unfollow features that will have you taking control of your followers easily.

So don’t fall victim to false promises and into the trap that will turn you into a spammer, avoid TrueTwit at all cost. Check out these other tools. But remember, focus more energy on who you follow, rather than wasting valuable time and resources on who follows you.

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