How To Identify Twitter Spam, Robots and Bad Followers

How To Identify Twitter Spam, Robots and Bad Followers

Who Not To Follow On Twitter

Four Flags That A Twitter User Is A Spammer

  1. The user has the standard Twitter “Egg” placeholder bio photo
  2. The user’s bio is blank or simply has a single link
  3. Tweet stream is blank or filled with non-sensical junk; nothing of interest
  4. Follow to follower ratio is unbalanced. If the user has a disproportionate (or none) followers to how many the user follows, run! Personally, my rule of thumb is anyone with more than a 4 to 1 Follow to Follower ratio is a suspect bot, spammer or other bad Twitter decorum.

But you already know this. Even the lightest Twitter user can quickly determine if a user is a spammer. By taking a few seconds to look at a Twitter profile, you can tell whether someone is a legitamate follower or not. Resorting to a robotic and spammy service like the TrueTwit Validation to do your work sends another clear message: you don’t care and you’re a spammer. Sorry, it’s true. And I’m not the only one who feels this way. A quick “google” will unleash a rash of rants by people taking shots at TrueTwit.

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