nameCRUNCHING: naming made easier

Looking to name a company, product, service or process? our approach to generating name ideas is unique—a proprietary and proven process and methodology we call nameCRUNCHING.

nameCRUNCHING: naming made easier

At clearcloud our approach to generating name ideas is unique. We have developed a proven process and methodology that we call nameCRUNCHING.

We will use this strategic naming methodology to provide you with a solid list of name candidates for your product, service or system. If you prefer, we can lead and facilitate creative name idea-generation workshops with your team or through interviews, primary and secondary research and using our exclusive name-generating techniques. We will independently or with your team to develop a shortlist of solid names that meet your objectives and help differentiate your product or other offering.

Our naming process, nameCRUNCHING, is fast, fun and productive. We also offer assistance in domain research, registration, acquisition and negotiation.

Our cost-effective naming service is best in class in business. At clearcloud we’ve named companies, business units, products, services and systems. Our nameCRUNCHING process and methodology is smarter, better and faster. It’s a proven rapid-fire development system for product naming. We know it takes more than brainstorming, more than out of the box thinking and higher than a 30,000 foot view to come up with the best name.

What Makes A Good Name? What should you look for?

The best names share all of the following characteristics
  • Memorability and Recall
  • Cadence and Rhythm
  • Differentiates; is Distinctive
  • Domain and Search Friendly
  • Relevance and Recognition
  • Adaptable and Expandable
  • Timeless and Age Worthy
  • Visual and Graphical Interest

Don’t take naming your next product, service or company lightly.
Consider engaging the team at clearcloud and let our nameCRUNCHING naming process get you the best name fast. We guarantee satisfaction.