social media engagement

what's your social media strategy? which social networks should you focus on?
are you using the right social business management tools?

social media engagement

Managing social activity and using social media to connect with customers and prospects consumes resources and time. You need to use social media and social networks, but you’re overwhelmed. Right?

At clearcloud we not only can help you design a social media plan and strategy, but we can also take some of the workload. We can advise you on technology that will help you engage, monitor and provide tracking and analytics so you can be more productive and effective. We can manage your social media or e can even help you source, hire or engage social media specialists who can execute on the social media plan and strategy we help develop. We can do this objectively, discreetly and provide you with an assessment of options as well as aid you with decision-making and negotiation.

We can develop your social media strategy and plan and we can create content and manage it.

Social media strategy, planning, management and content creation
  • Plan strategy and design
  • Technology and tools recommendations and assessment
  • Daily social network engagement and updates
  • Scheduling and buffering of content, status and updates
  • Follow and follower acquisition
  • Tracking and analytics

Find out how clearcloud can help you manage your social media efforts. It’s easy and cost-effective to start!