Taming The Social Media Monster

7 Twitter & Social Media Tools Worth Looking At

Social Media Monsters

Taming The Social Media Monster

Seven Twitter & Social Media Management Power Tools Worth A Closer Look —

There is bad news people for individuals and for small and medium-sized business when it comes to social marketing: it’s impossible to keep up with the pace of innovation and change in social media. Sorry, it’s true. In fact, I’d be hard pressed to find any truly sustainable social media expert. What was hot and working yesterday, may be cool and mediocre today.

What can you do about it? First, rid yourself of fear and open up to trying something new and expect that sometimes you will fail or simply not achieve what you hoped.

The good news is that there are a number of tools that can help you manage your social media engagements and efforts. You should dip your toes and test the water when it comes to these tools. But be warned that the tools will change and so will you and your business. That’s why you must define clearly why and how you will use these tools before you dive into deep water.

Here are seven Twitter and social media management tools that are on our radar and worth checking out. They are in no particular order and each has its purpose, pros and cons and place in the social media mix. In some cases you might consider using a mix of more than one tool.



If part of your social media strategy is to share interesting content, and it should be, you want to be sure to share it at the optimum time, and not always when you found it. Buffer allows you to set a schedule to post tweets at optimal times well spaced our throughout the day. Place tweets in your Buffer and they’ll go out according to your defined schedule. Browser extensions for Firefox, Safari and Chrome make it real easy to add content to your Buffer.


Great for small business, SproutSocial pulls all activity from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn into one stream. You get a single and simple inbox, can schedule tweets and leverage a powerful monitoring and alert system for hashtags, keywords and users. Offers discovery tool and makes recommendations on who to follow, unfollow and dead accounts. Great user interface with clean dashboard.


HootSuite is like command central for all of your social media accounts including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. With scheduling capabilities, custom list creation, powerful search tools and easy to use analytics, HootSuite was one of the first SocialMedia dashboard products and they continue to innovative and improve. Currently, this is the only social media tool that supports Google+ — but even that will change.


So you’ve done a good job getting hundreds or thousands of followers and you are following increasingly more each day. Now what? Commun.it is a community and relationship management service for social media. It performs powerful analytics on who you follow and automatically categorizes and places them in lists according to influencers, activity and much more. Further filtering allows you to search and follow those interacting with your company or brand and interact with them directly.

Argyle Social

This is one of the more expensive tools in our list, but Argyle Social is designed for larger enterprises specifically looking to measure social marketing ROI. Like others Argyle Social offers powerful scheduling and a Buffer-like optimal timing capability, task assignment, real time analytics and, like HootSuite, a custom URL shortener for more robust tracking and the ability to setup and track specific campaigns.


There’s a reason that Twitter bought this social media dashboard and management tool. Available in iPhone, Android and desktop versions, TweetDeck allows you to post simultaneously to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social networks. Ability to pull lists, searches, hashtags and social media accounts in a clean column view. Also offers a scheduling option and a great overview of your social media activity.


This is part of a new breed of Twitter tools that are bringing analytics, follow and unfollower data and incredible search capability. This will help you find and follow the most influential and relevant people and built up your Twitter followers using a smart follow strategy. Plus you will see people who you’ve followed that don’t follow you back, are inactive, have no profile and many more attributes.

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