website clinics & audits

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website clinics & audits

Your website and blog can be better. What should you do? Are you taking advantage of the latest web technology? Social media integration? Are visitors staying and converting?

The clearcloud website audit or blog analysis is simply an overall assessment of your website based on five critical benchmarks: content, information architecture and design, user experience, performance, social media and findability and SEO. Our site audit will give you options to consider for enhancing your site including varying those that are very simple to implement, to content and technology considerations and more long-term design, platform and functionality enhancements.

A clearcloud website audit provides you with multiple classes of recommendations

  • complete site assessment
  • technology and performance
  • content and communications
  • architecture and design
  • user experience
  • social media integration
  • search engine optimization

Why not schedule a comprehensive website clinic for your business. Find out what steps you can take to a higher-performing and more up-to-date website.