touchPOINT Marketing

How effective are your marketing efforts? Are you getting the most for your investment? How many customer touch-points are you effectively hitting? We know that it’s virtually impossible to connect with each customer at every touch-point. But where is it most effective? How do you measure your success?
You’ve heard the adage “content is king”. While this is most often true, even with “king content” if you’re not leveraging that content and getting it in front of the appropriate audience, the investment in creating that content is wasted.

Too often we are called upon for quick-fix tactical projects. Sure. We love the work. But sometimes what a client wants, or thinks they want, is not what they need. That’s why we ask so many questions. And that’s why we developed our exclusive touchPOINT™ marketing matrix. It’s the foundation for developing a marketing action plan (MAP).

That’s why at clearcloud we employ a strategic approach to marketing and communications planning.

  1. Strategic Approach to Planning:
  2. Define the objective.
  3. Identify the audience.
  4. Develop audience profiles.
  5. Determine core needs, concerns and triggers of audience.
  6. Define decision makers and influencers.
  7. List all possible touchPOINTS for both decision makers and influencers
  8. Develop primary and supporting messaging for both.
  9. Create tactical plan and event calendar for communicating messages through all possible touchpoints.
  10. Address budget and adjust accordingly.
  11. Monitor, measure and adjust as needed and as related to achieving the desired objective.

We’ve developed a process and series of checklists that help us jump-start the stratagic planning process and work on it in real-time. Our touchPOINT™ Marketing system helps our clients identify the most effective marketing touch points for achieving the desired objectives and leveraging the marketing messages.

At clearcloud we take a strategic and objective-driven approach to developing marketing communications plans and programs. When it comes to the assessment of tactical programs and opportunities, we draw on our constantly evolving matrix of marketing communications touch-points. From this intensive matrix of marketing opportunities we develop marketing communications and advertising plans that effectively deliver the best possible approach to achieving objectives.

Interested in what the arsenal of marketing communication touch-points might include for your company or brand? Take a look at our continually evolving touch-point marketing matrix. Sure, it may seem overwhelming. But with the right team and mix of creative, technology and communications, it just may help differentiate and take your brand to the next level.